[mythtv-users] Reveiw fanless Zalman chasis

Jeff Wormsley daworm at comcast.net
Thu Aug 11 00:03:49 UTC 2005

Mercury Morris wrote:

>It sure looks like a great piece of gear to have, but unless one of 'em
>just walks on in to my house, on its own, I'm not likely to fork out an
>extra $1K just for a case !
Considering I paid nearly $900 for my A-tech Fabrication case (counting 
options and enhancements like the VFD and PowerMate), which is far from 
silent, I can see how others would be interested in this one. If it has 
to go in with the rest of the equipment rack, and is visible, it can be 
nice to have something that looks great too.  But the price tag isn't 
for everyone, certainly.  It takes all kinds, I just happen to be one 
who has the cash at the moment.  (I have my share of ultra low cost 
stuff too, the splurging is only occasional!).


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