[mythtv-users] RE: Re: add skybox to my MythTV system

Neil Bird neil at fnxweb.com
Tue Aug 9 11:15:10 UTC 2005

Around about 08/08/05 21:21, Oliver Martini typed ...
> I just added a "dummy" skychannel.sh script to /usr/loca/bin. when I
> restart the backend it writes a dummy output to a file, but when I try
> to change to a channel with this video source it does not call my
> skychannel.sh script, it also does not change to the video source
> (PVR-150) from the actual cable source (PVR-350).
> When I watch PiP I get the input from the skybox to see in the small
> window, but I'm not able to switch window.

   Not entirely sure I can deduce from that what you're actually doing, but 
you may want to try running 'mythbackend -v all' to see what it's getting up to.

[neil at fnx ~]# rm -f .signature
[neil at fnx ~]# ls -l .signature
ls: .signature: No such file or directory
[neil at fnx ~]# exit

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