[mythtv-users] burn-in. Should I be worried?

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Hello Jesse
Press "5" (or "6")  in mythmusic will black the screen.
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Subject: [mythtv-users] burn-in. Should I be worried?

> Hello,
> I have a "normal" NTSC TV. Medium quality and nothing fancy.
> Should I be worried about burn-in?
> Particularly, mythmusic scares me, as only the small visualization
> window is actively updated, and I don't want to run the vis.
> full screen as it burns too much CPU.
> Pausing LiveTV concerns me too, and any of the MythTV menus
> scare me, as they're completely static. :)
> I started reading a MythTV screensaver thread that I found
> via google, but I got frustrated after about 10 iterations of
> people arguing for or against a screensaver without any
> clear resolution.
> So I guess the second part of this question is: Was there a
> resolution? Is a screensaver widely accepted as a good thing,
> or not? Is there any work being done to that end?
> But ultimately, should I be careful (and tell my wife to be
> careful) to avoid burn-in on this TV?
> Thanks!
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