[mythtv-users] PVR 350, just static

Jim Reith reith at racores.com
Sun Aug 7 21:41:40 UTC 2005

>Jim Reith wrote:
>>>I'm trying to setup a box using Knoppmyth and a PVR350 card.
>>>I get picture but just static.
>>>I've tryied the following while having LiveTV running, run ivtvctl -R,
>>>and run scantv in parallell.
>>>When I just run ivtvctl -R it responds with saying that frequency is set
>>>to 0 even though I've hard coded the channel number for two channels in
>>>mythtv-setup. I stays at 0 whatever channel i switch to.
>>>So I let it run while letting scantv perform a full scan. When I do this
>>>I get variations in the static and sometimes I even get something that
>>>could become a picture with some luck :-).
>>>I've also tried to run mplayer /dev/video0 while performing a scan with
>>>scantv with almost the same result. The static shows up a bit
>>>differently but it almost becomes a picture at the same frequencies.
>>>So I guess that I have got two issues. One, no clear picture, there
>>>should be one since I get picture on a regular TV using the same antenna
>>>cable. Two, MythTV keeps setting my card to frequency 0 whenever I
>>>change channel. It does at least set my card to input from Tuner 0, I
>>>can see that when I run ivtvctl -P.
>>>Anyone? Please! :-)
>>What is your output device?
>>Do you have an input source set up?
>>Have you run mythfilldatabase or edited the frequency into the DB?
>>Also, what distro and what software versions?
>>mythtv-users mailing list
>><mailto:mythtv-users at mythtv.org>mythtv-users at mythtv.org
>For the moment I use my regular monitor as output device, ATI Radeon
>9600. I get exactly the same picture when I hook it up to a DLP
>projector via the ATI card. Haven't tried to connect via the PVR350
>card yet.
>ivtv 0.2.0
>Myth 0.18.1
>Knoppmyth Release 5A16, the above is the ones included in this release.

Same release I started with. I've since added a PVR-150 as a second
tuner and have 350gb of shows on disk. I had to upgrade to ivtv 3.6y
to get the 150 working but the 350 worked fine with Knoppmyth
originally I assume you followed this?

>I did set everything up the first time in mythtv-setup, after that
>did I run mythfilldatabase, getting channels for Sweden, then I
>changed the values for two channels since I have cable TV here and I
>know that the channels aren't at the same frequencies. I ran
>/etc/cron.daily/myth-backend after I did those changes in
>I haven't had any peak in the database yet. Is there something
>interesting to be found in there or might it be easyier to make the
>changes directly in the database? I am very familiar with SQL so it
>wouldn't be a problem if you think that it is easyier.

You don't need to modify the SQL db. There is a channel editor that
will let you make the settings. Since I was able to get my listings
online, I didn't have to do any of that and it worked.

Your 350 is Pal I assume? I can share with you my 2.0 working ivtv

root at mythtvbox:/etc/mythtv/modules# cat ivtv.350only
alias char-major-81 videodev
alias char-major-61 lirc_i2c
#options ivtv debug=1
#options tuner type=2
options msp3400 once=1 simple=1
install ivtv /sbin/modprobe tuner; /sbin/modprobe msp3400;
/sbin/modprobe saa7115;  /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install ivtv;
/sbin/modprobe ivtv-fb; /sbin/modprobe lirc_i2c
remove ivtv /sbin/modprobe -r --ignore-remove ivtv && /sbin/modprobe
-r saa7115 && /sbin/modprobe -r msp3400 && /sbin/modprobe -r tuner &&
/sbin/modprobe -r ivtv-fb && /sbin/modprobe -r lirc_i2c

I really think your problem probably lies in your input settings for
your source, your cable. I don't think you have the channel
frequencies set properly and so, while it works, it's not tuned to
anything. Maybe someone successful in Sweden can chime in with at
least one known good cable frequency?

hope this helps some.


>Thank you!!
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