[mythtv-users] PVR 350, just static

Peter Osterberg peter at supergirl.se
Sun Aug 7 21:15:54 UTC 2005

Jim Reith wrote:

>> Hi,
>> I'm trying to setup a box using Knoppmyth and a PVR350 card.
>> I get picture but just static.
>> I've tryied the following while having LiveTV running, run ivtvctl -R,
>> and run scantv in parallell.
>> When I just run ivtvctl -R it responds with saying that frequency is set
>> to 0 even though I've hard coded the channel number for two channels in
>> mythtv-setup. I stays at 0 whatever channel i switch to.
>> So I let it run while letting scantv perform a full scan. When I do this
>> I get variations in the static and sometimes I even get something that
>> could become a picture with some luck :-).
>> I've also tried to run mplayer /dev/video0 while performing a scan with
>> scantv with almost the same result. The static shows up a bit
>> differently but it almost becomes a picture at the same frequencies.
>> So I guess that I have got two issues. One, no clear picture, there
>> should be one since I get picture on a regular TV using the same antenna
>> cable. Two, MythTV keeps setting my card to frequency 0 whenever I
>> change channel. It does at least set my card to input from Tuner 0, I
>> can see that when I run ivtvctl -P.
>> Anyone? Please! :-)
> What is your output device?
> Do you have an input source set up?
> Have you run mythfilldatabase or edited the frequency into the DB?
> Also, what distro and what software versions?
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>mythtv-users at mythtv.org
For the moment I use my regular monitor as output device, ATI Radeon
9600. I get exactly the same picture when I hook it up to a DLP
projector via the ATI card. Haven't tried to connect via the PVR350 card

ivtv 0.2.0
Myth 0.18.1
Knoppmyth Release 5A16, the above is the ones included in this release.

I did set everything up the first time in mythtv-setup, after that did I
run mythfilldatabase, getting channels for Sweden, then I changed the
values for two channels since I have cable TV here and I know that the
channels aren't at the same frequencies. I ran
/etc/cron.daily/myth-backend after I did those changes in myhttv-setup.

I haven't had any peak in the database yet. Is there something
interesting to be found in there or might it be easyier to make the
changes directly in the database? I am very familiar with SQL so it
wouldn't be a problem if you think that it is easyier.

Thank you!!

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