[mythtv-users] Blue bar at bottom of all video

Marshall Crocker marshall at iconux.org
Sun Aug 7 21:02:08 UTC 2005

I was having the same problem with my pvr-150 and an old GeForce 2.  I 
think my problem was casued by the ivtv drivers though as I don't have 
that problem now with newer drivers.  You may want to try updating your 
drivers or you could cat /dev/video0 > /tmp/test.mpg and then see if 
that test capture has the blue line.  If it does, its the ivtv drivers, 
otherwise it could be something with the xv colorkey.


Eric Jensen wrote:

>While watching TV and on all of our recordings is a blue line a few
>pixels high and going the full length of the TV.  I've searched through
>the archives and tried running: `xvattr -a XV_COLORKEY -v 0` but it
>didn't work.  Is there anything else I can try?  I am capturing with a
>Happauge PVR-250 and outputting with a nVidia GeForce 3, running FC3.
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