[mythtv-users] Sound problems w/ mythtv 0.18.1

larsks.14356928 at bloglines.com larsks.14356928 at bloglines.com
Sat Aug 6 22:29:49 UTC 2005

Howdy all,

I'm having some frustrating problems getting sound to work under
MythTV.  I've spent much of the afternoon chasing links from Google without
much luck.  

I have a PVR-350 looped into a sound card (Intel ICH5 onboard
82801EB).  Playing audio from the command line works like a charm, but mythtv
doesn't produce any sound either when watching live TV or when watching videos
using the "Internal" plugin.

In order to save everyone some time:

This is not a permissions problem.  The 'mythtv' user is able to play sound
from the command line using either 'aplay' or 'play' (the latter of which
uses OSS, just like mythtv's default behavior).  The mythtv user is also able
to record sound.

- Neither arts nor Esound nor any other sound daemons
are running.

- The 350 is definately producing sound.  For example, while
watching live TV, if I wire the 350 outputs directly to the stereo instead
of the line in on the sound card, I have no problems.

- The sound card
is definately receiving sound via the line in jack.  While watching live TV,
I can use "arecord" to record the sound, and later on use "aplay" to play
it back.  No problem!

- I have tried the default OSS output configuration
(/dev/dsp and /dev/mixer) as well as "ALSA:default" and "default".  The ALSA
configuration generates the warning "unable to set ALSA parameters".

"aplay -D default mumble.wav" works just fine.

I'm at my wit's end right
now -- the above indicates to me that everything ought to be working, but
MythTV is mute.

Thanks for your help!

-- Lars

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