[mythtv-users] Having TV output problem, Pundit

Michael.S.G. MythTV at BDen.org
Sat Aug 6 20:12:20 UTC 2005

Hi Jeff,

System sounds fine. (Perhaps drop another 512mb in there).

TV out might be a video card issue. Tried another video card? (Reason 

CDDB... MythMusic crashes the frontend for me, So can't help you there.

I recently purchased a gigabyte (oem) FX5200ds card for my mythbox.

Instantly I noticed the lower quality TV out. (Compared to the previous 
440ti card)
(Ghosting lines, Fuzzy, Tilted and wobbly output)

And F*ck did the card run HOT. (Thought mabie a bad card, Swaped for new 
- But SAME!)

I also run Nv FX5200de cards (Boxed version) in two other boxes. Same 
chip but these cards
are designed (imho) much better. Bigger card, Better design. Much better 
running temp.

So I bought a FX5500de for the MythBox. (No 5200de models left).
Needless to say, It's staying in there.

TV Out is crystal clear in comparison to the cheaper "ds" card.
There is almost no wobble. (On the edges of the screen)
The screen is straight. And tv image fill's up much more screen.
Blue lines (Fixed) around LiveTV etc are much smaller!


sendemhere wrote:

> Hi everybody… I have a MythTV box running on FC3. However, I am having 
> 2 small issues……
> Hardware
> ASUS Pundit Barebones
> 1.8Ghz Celeron
> 512MB DDR
> Emprex DVD-R
> 120GB HDD
> PVR-350
> I am currently using the TV out on the Pundit motherboard. Everything 
> works great until I try to watch TV or watch a DVD/VCD etc. When I do 
> there are horizontal green lines which seem to be scanning in an 
> upward motion as TV or DVD plays. Does anyone know what is causing 
> this and if there is a tweak or setting somewhere I am not finding.
> The second problem is that when I insert a CD, it doesn’t pull down 
> the CDDB data. Anyone know an easy way to fix this? Thanks!
> P.S. Hats off to Jarod Wilson for the great HOW-TO guide and Axel 
> Thimm for ATrpms maintenance. Thanks guys!
> Jeff T
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