[mythtv-users] TV lasts 1 second then dies

Dennis Gilmore dennis at dgilmore.net
Sat Aug 6 19:32:56 UTC 2005

Once upon a time Saturday 06 August 2005 2:09 pm, James Colannino wrote:

> Well actually I'm using Gentoo too :)  I'm using a manually compiled
> ivtv driver (0.3.7a) and it works just fine when I cat /dev/video0, but
> still doesn't work with myth :( I should mention that I'm using a
> PVR-350.  I've tried disabling hardware decoding, playing with
> deinterlacing, and all sorts of other stuff, but I just can't get it to
> work :(

try restarting your backend.  I have to manually restart my backend after 
every reboot  before i can watch live tv properlly.

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