[mythtv-users] Removable storage with MythTV

Eileen Webb eileen.webb at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 18:47:56 UTC 2005

Hi all,
I've just started building my Myth system and wanted to run an idea by more 
experienced users to make sure I'm not crazy.

Here's the story: I live out in the middle of nowhere where the only TV that 
exists is satellite (DirecTV, in our area). I have some family moving nearby 
who is going to get a system, which by default comes with FOUR set-top 
boxes! Four is a lot of boxes for only two people, and they have graciously 
offered us the use of one of the extra boxes.

So I got this great idea that I'd set up a Myth system at their house, 
program it from my house (yeah for web interface!), and record myself some 
TV. My plan is to have a two or three removable hard drives (actually, just 
some normal drives that are easy to access) and I would swap them around to 
record shows. So stuff would get recorded onto driveA, then at some point 
I'd come by and swap it with driveB. Then recording could continue on driveB 
and I'd take driveA home with me and watch it there. The computer at home 
would also have Myth, so the file types and arrangements should still work, 
and I'll get to play with the game emulator, too!

Does this make sense? Does it seem at all feasible? From the outside, it 
seems pretty simple, but those are famous last words. I would love any 
thoughts on this plan -- tips from anyone who has done anything similar, 
horror stories on why I am doomed, whatever.

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