[mythtv-users] [OT] Xbox Frontend/Xebian 1.1/Alsa

CTD ctd at minneapolish3.com
Sat Aug 6 10:50:21 UTC 2005

David Whyte wrote:

>Bah, I got the saved games on my USB stick, eventually, and the
>emergency linux loads OK, but if I try and load the install linux game
>it fails.
>>From reading up, it is my dashboard that is too new, and I have no
>idea where to find an older one and from reading, it would be illegal.
> This is starting to look like a little too much trouble now :(
>Plus, using this softmod technique, do you have to select linux from
>the dashboard to get it to boot up everytime you power on?  That would
>kinda suck!
>On 8/5/05, Wouter Lagerweij <wouterla at gmail.com> wrote:
>>On 8/4/05, David Whyte <david.whyte at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>Hmmm...Using the TSOP flash method, you can solder two pointds on the
>>>main board (for 1.2, 1.3, which I have anyways) and the use the
>>>mechassault game to load the linux bootloader thingo to flash the
>>>Thats my understanding from the docs at xbox-linux.org :|
>>>This weekend is going to be fun :P
>>I've hacked a couple of xboxes (one 1.6 one earlier model) without
>>having to use any soldering.
>>Key to this is already having a hacked xbox, so that you can create a
>>correctly formatted memory card (find the savegames at xbins). Or you
>>could download one (I have it here somewhere...), and use 'dd', to get
>>it onto a USB memory stick, and use a converter cable to connect that
>>to the Xbox.
>>You can easily make those cables yourself (xbox-linux, or one of the
>>forums will probably have an explanation) or do as I did, and buy one
>>for 7.95 EUR...
>>You can google 'ltools xbox' to get more info.
As I posted earlier in this thread, the SW-Mod instructions on the 
xbox-linux site refer to a method which does require an earlier MS 
dashboard version.  This was the problem that I had.  After finding a 
v1.0 xbox on ebay, I bought it and found out it had the latest dashboard 
due to being connected to the internet (MS will auto upgrade the dashboard).

Luckily if you follow the instructions at:
You will use the ltools SW-mod zip which I believe can handle all 

Yes you do have to select linux (or what ever you want to call it) from 
the new dashboad.  I modified my evolution ini file so that after boot I 
just need to hit the select button once and my linux boots and starts 
mythtv.  You can follow this guide 


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