[mythtv-users] Delete upcoming schedules

Darren Coleman daz at superficial.net
Thu Aug 4 09:04:02 UTC 2005

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> > >From what I can gather once Myth starts recording (by 
> pressing 'r') it will
> > continue recording until the end of the "programme" which, 
> in some music
> > channels case, can often be several hours long (i.e. some 
> music channels
> > have one programme that runs 24 hours, which has lots of 
> random songs
> > playing).  I have tried hitting 'r' again but this doesn't 
> stop recording, I
> > have to manually press escape, go into "Upcoming 
> Recordings" and tell it to
> > stop.  This is less than desireable.
> > 
> > Is there any way that Myth can just "instant record" when I 
> tell it to, and
> > stop when I tell it to, disregarding anything in the EPG?
> Yeah, that would be good wouldn't it? I thought that "r" was a toggle
> and it's supposed to turn recording on/off whenever you press it.
> Maybe there's a problem with the functionality behind this. I know
> that lots of people on this list have had trouble with the "r" button
> in the past.
> If someone knows definitively what the "r" key functionaliy is
> supposed to do and what we should expect from it, perhaps this could
> be put to bed.
> Regards,
> Phill

Well, it seems like a total no-brainer to me - but maybe I am prejudiced
coming from such an elegant (by comparison) system as Sky+ Digital here in
the UK.

I actually thought there was something wrong with my keyboard at first when
I realised that pressing "r" again didn't stop recording.  I searched
Google, found a keymap for mythfrontend and have only recently come to the
conclusion that Myth is "weird".

Whilst the premise of recording whole programmes, scheduling ones in the
future, etc appears to work as designed there is a glaring oversight in not
allowing "instant record on/off".

Taking the music video example further, I might be casually watching the
channel and come across a song that I like.  Unless I am mistaken whilst I
can rewind Myth back to the beginning of the song, when I hit "r" it will
record from wherever "Live TV" currently is, not where the ringbuffer is
positioned, plus I have to quit back to the Myth menu and manually stop it
recording when the song completes, and tell it never to record the whole
programme again.

What if there happens to be another song in the same time period of the
programme (which is easily conceivable given music programmes in the EPG can
be several hours long) that I want to record?  If I've set it not to record,
Myth won't do anything when I hit "r".

I haven't tried Windows Media Centre yet, but I'm keen to see if it is
un-user friendly as Myth is when it comes to the simple premise of "record
what I want right now, and stop recording when I tell you to".


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