[mythtv-users] Delete upcoming schedules

Darren Coleman daz at superficial.net
Thu Aug 4 08:06:38 UTC 2005

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> On 8/2/05, Vincent Yau <v_yau2 at hotmail.com> wrote:
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> > Hi:
> > 
> > I am a new MythTV user.  I have used it for a few weeks 
> only and it is
> > great!
> > Today, I had the need to delete some recording times that I 
> have scheduled
> > to record
> > some shows for me.  I tried and I could not figure how to 
> delete upcoming
> > recordings.   I looked at the documentation and I could not 
> find anything
> > either.
> > Maybe I missed something.  Can someone tell me how I can delete
> > upcoming recordings?
> 1) go to manage recordings->upcoming recordings
> 2) highlight the show
> 3) press select
> 4) select don't record, or edit the recording rule and set it to not
> record (which effectively kills the rule)

I've wondered this too.

Is there any way to physically delete it though so it doesn't appear in the
list at all?

I have recorded a music video on MTV a few times which has come on at a
random time (not listed in EPG) and does not need to be repeated.  In this
instance all I want Myth to do is record when I hit a button, and stop
recording when I hit another button.

>From what I can gather once Myth starts recording (by pressing 'r') it will
continue recording until the end of the "programme" which, in some music
channels case, can often be several hours long (i.e. some music channels
have one programme that runs 24 hours, which has lots of random songs
playing).  I have tried hitting 'r' again but this doesn't stop recording, I
have to manually press escape, go into "Upcoming Recordings" and tell it to
stop.  This is less than desireable.

Is there any way that Myth can just "instant record" when I tell it to, and
stop when I tell it to, disregarding anything in the EPG?

To give an example, on Sky+ here in the UK you have a record button on the
remote control which, when pressed, records the current channel.  This stops
when either the programme ends, or when the user manually hits record/stop
again.  It isn't then added to any scheduled recordings list (why would I
want to record a random piece of television again, and why would  it even
necessarily be on again ever at the same time, or on the same channel - in
the example of a music video).

Any ideas?


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