[mythtv-users] Experiences with XvMC

Todd Ignasiak ignasiak at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 19:52:10 UTC 2005

Is there anywhere all of this current status info is covered?  The
K8M800 has "Unichrome Pro" integrated graphics,  and I see mentions of
XvMC support for Unichrome Pro.  But, will these two work together?

On 8/2/05, David Collett <david.collett at gmail.com> wrote:
> > decoding.  From the unichrome sourceforge project site says:  "It
> > provides support for VIA CLE266 and KM400/KN400. K8M800 and
> > PM800/CN400 support is still limited."      I'm not sure if that
> > statement is up to date.  I have seen messages from people using the
> > CN400.
> That statement is refering to the Unichrome X driver, NOT XvMC
> specifically, the next paragraph refers to Unichrome XvMC, and only
> explicitly mentions CLE266.
> I have a KM400, which is a great board for the price, but it does not
> have MPEG2 hardware accel (XvMC). It does have working Xv, though it
> is still a relatively new driver and may not work out-of-the-box in
> some distributions.
> Dave

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