[mythtv-users] Pundit mythtv

Neale Swinnerton mythtv-users.spam at isismanor.com
Tue Aug 2 14:47:23 UTC 2005

> So which epia boards are you using as front ends?  I looked at several
> on the mini-itx.com site and they do look interesting.  I assume you are
> using the video output from the epia board and do not have any encoder
> cards installed in such a front end.  What speed CPU is needed to handle
> decode of mpeg2?

I've got a Epia MII 12000 and a fanless Epia ME6000. Video out is via the
built in driver. Both can play back mythtv recordings easily, 'cos the
MPEG2 decoding is handled in hardware, using the built in mythv xvmc-vld
support. (the work on this lately has made this pretty solid for me). I
play MPEG4 avi's on both machines. The ME6000 can 'just' (>90%cpu) cope
with most MPEG4's

In the UK we don't have any HD content broadcast yet, so I haven't got
into that, you might want to investigate different boards if you want to
decode HD in hardware, there has been discussion on this list about this
sort of stuff.

> Are you using the atrpms packages on the front end systems or some other
> distribution?

I tend to build from SVN head when I see something interesting in the
Changes. Both my frontend machines are diskless, Knoppmyth is your friend
for that sort of stuff, although I use gentoo.

> While I was hoping to get a third capture card in the mix finding a good
> relatively cheap frontend only system is a goal.

I found that with 3 cards I'm pushed to be able to watch all the stuff I
record. I can rapidly fill my disks!!

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