[mythtv-users] Pundit mythtv

Neale Swinnerton mythtv-users.spam at isismanor.com
Tue Aug 2 12:04:53 UTC 2005

> One question I have is I would like to utilize a PVR-350 in the pundit
> system for output to the TV and as another tuner for recording.  I have
> been very pleased with the PVR-350 in the existing system.  I read that
> this will be a tight fit but appears that it should be workable.  Is
> there any other gotchas with setting a pundit up (or pundit-r) this
> way?  Since I plan on using the PVR-350 for output the onboard video
> won't be used much beyond the initial install.

the PVR-250 & PVR-350 get *very* hot. I had a PVR-250 & PVR-350 in the
same box and I had to put an extra fan in otherwise they'd overheat and
the sound would drop out. Also The PVR-350 is a *really* tight squeeze.
It's pretty much impossible to get it into the top slot. I ended up
grinding about 3mm off the top of both boards and cutting away some of the
metal in the case to get these two boards in at the same time. Also PVR
boards tend to be quite thirsty for current, so the PSU works hard, and
the fan makes some noise. The fan is a non-standard size 80mmx15mm, so
it's not easy to get a replacement. Mine was just too noisy for the living
room. I now have use it as a dedicated back end with 2 epia based

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