[mythtv-users] HDTV Video Modes with MythTV

Brandon Rogers blrogers at ieee.org
Mon Aug 1 18:53:16 UTC 2005

At first, I thought the clarity of the 1080i (540p in
some cases) is actually better than the NTSC output.
However, after playing with things, I'm not sure this
is the case. Most of the clarity seems to come from
simply having such a low resolution (the text is
huge). Sure, there are quite a bit of clarity
enhancements, but seeing as the resolution is so low,
I wonder if it is really worth it. I can crank my
resolution up, modulate it to NTSC, and I get more
screen real estate, the picture quality (for an
average video user) are very close (admittedly, the
1080i/540p is better), but by how much and is it
really worth it? What does everyone think? 


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