[mythtv-users] image on my TV

David Watkins watkinshome at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 12:43:32 UTC 2005

On 01/08/05, Iwan <iwan at i-lusion.nl> wrote:
> ? 
> Hi, 
> I am using the video out of my Haupauge PVR-350.
> Forgot to include that...

You need to give more detail on what your are doing if you want to
anyone to spot what you're doing wrong.

In broad terms you need to:

1.  Modify your xorg.conf for the PVR 350
2.  Load the ivtv-fb module
3.  configure mythfrontend to use the PVR-350 for output.

For the detail I suggest you refer to the mythtv support for whatever
flavour of linux you're using.  eg.for Fedora,

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