[mythtv-users] image on my TV

Iwan iwan at i-lusion.nl
Mon Aug 1 10:42:56 UTC 2005

I am using the video out of my Haupauge PVR-350.
Forgot to include that...
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On 01/08/05, Iwan <iwan at i-lusion.nl> wrote:
> ?
> Hi,
> I am allmost finished with setting up my MythTV box.
> The only 2 things that I need to do to finish the initial configuration are:
> - Get the remote control working with INFRA RED
> - Get the image on my TV trough SCART
> Now for the last one i need some help.
> I connected the A/V output cable to the connector.
> The AUDIO is leading to the line-in connector of my soudcard and I connected
> the VIDEO to my TV.
> Now when I set my TV to the right SCART channel I don't get an proper image
> ...it looks like a white image with thin stripes ...
> any idea what this is?
> Do I still need to configure something withint the MythTV program to get
> this working?

What video output card are you using?
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