[mythtv-users] atrpms mplayer audio issue

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Aug 1 07:20:08 UTC 2005

On 07/31/05 21:42, jason bright wrote:

>Anybody else on FC3 using atrpms having mplayer issues? I recently did
>a full system update and now mplayer had developed the annoying
>problem of the audio running slightly behind the video (probably 0.25
>-> 0.5 seconds). I have a very bare bones audio setup -- no ALSA or
>Playing native myth recordings work fine - it's only mplayer. Just
>curious if this is a known issue before I start trying to roll back

I'm not using FC, and no one really got back to me about it, but I 
really think the problem is that you're using ALSA 1.0.9+ kernel modules 
with an MPlayer compiled for ALSA 1.0.8- ALSA libraries.  Check to make 
sure you have ALSA 1.0.9+ kernel modules, libraries, and a version of 
MPlayer compiled with the version of ALSA libs you have installed.


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