[mythtv-users] Re: Motorola DCT6200, Comcast, Dual Tuners?

Matt Neimeyer lists at neimeyer.org
Wed Apr 27 01:18:08 UTC 2005

Michael Eldridge wrote:

>For the 6412 it says "Three 54-860 MHz tuners (two video, one data)"
>I was unaware that the 6200 had two tuners. I have a 6200 and am now also wondering about using two tuner functionality. I'm currently capturing via FireWire. Anyone know what the data tuner of the 6412 is all about?
I vaguely remember from somewhere that the DCT series of set top boxes 
has a built in DOCSIS modem... Could this be the mystery third tuner?

I think that this is reason why my old 6208 and my new 6214 have 
Ethernet ports on the back. In theory it becomes not just your tuner but 
your cable modem as well. Not that those ports do anything right now. 
I've got to admit I'd love to get rid of one more piece of hardware from 
my network... but on the other hand if the one box goes out, not only 
can I not watch TV but I couldn't get online either...


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