[mythtv-users] Incomplete recordings anyway?

jason bright jaybright at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 23:57:57 UTC 2005

Is there a flag somewhere to tell myth to still record shows even if
it can't get the full show due to a recording conflict?

An example:

2 shows set to record a) 8-9pm and b) 9-10pm.

Show a) is set to record an extra 5mins past the end in case it runs
late. In this case, it's a scheduling conflict and b) won't get
recorded. BUT - if at anytime during the run of b) i stop and restart
the backend, then it will pick up the remaining piece of b) just fine.

Does myth currently have the brains to turn this on as the default
behavior? I would have thought "even if there is a conflict, record as
much as you can" would be a better behavior than "since there is a
conflict, I won't try to record anything".

Thx!  j

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