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> Hi all,
> I love Myth.  I have now convinced the wife to join the party.  So we
> bought an LCD TV/Monitor combo for the living room.  What I need now is
> a way to display from the backend to a frontend in another room.
> I am looking for practical experiences from people.  There should be no
> problem setting this up.  The current frontend/backend combo will remain
> as is.
> Here are what I think are the possible combos.  I would like your ideas
> on which I should go with and why.
> 1.  Run a network cable to another room.  Install a normal frontend.
> But how will the remote work?  Are there universal IR receivers that are
> reasonable and work with LIRC?  I have been on the LIRC web site and
> there is only one home made unit from Germany that I can see.
> 2.  Go wireless for the networking.  I have read that go nothing less
> than 'g'.  This is a busy corner of a city I live in.  I worry about
> hacking.
> 3.  Use a MyVideo system to transfer the TV-Out of my FX5200 to the
> other room.  The problem with this approach is that the backend is also
> a general purpose computer with three people using it with different
> IDs.  At least the MyVideo will transmit the IR remote signals back to
> the other room.
> What have you all set up when you have gone client/server.
> Thanks all.
> Preet
I have used these:


everything you need inc remote.

I run it diskless and it is fanless so silent and wife-friendly.

Same can be done with EPIA mini ITX boards.

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