[mythtv-users] Advice re: Frontend/Backend - planned solution

Preet Khalsa preet at ecbit.com
Mon Apr 18 15:47:22 UTC 2005

Dale E. Martin wrote:

>>What I really want is a prebuilt receiver that plugs into
>I bought one of these, it seems to work well:
>It took some time to arrive - I'm currently in Ohio and it shipped from
>Italy.  But it works well and the price was right as they say.
Well after reviewing all the comments from people, it looks like I will 
be running a network wire to the other room and buying an ATI Remote 
Wonder.  It is well supported under LIRC.  Eventually I will look at a 
wireless connection.  A person in the office here has a spare 802.11b 
gateway and USB dongle.  I just have to make sure it works with Linux.

Thanks for advice folks.

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