[mythtv-users] nuvexport question

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Sat Apr 16 04:20:36 UTC 2005

> [note: I found no information regarding the package on this site
> and no README or such in the above archive. Had to install it in
> order to see what it does]

Odd.  Guess I forgot to write a README for it.  my bad.

As for the lack of more info on the website, there's a blurb at 
http://forevermore.net/mythtv/ (which as I look at it is horribly out of 
date), and as soon as the man pages are updated (they're quite outdated, 
I don't know how to make man pages), I'll give it a real home.

> 1) I would like to know why these are disabled and how to enable them.

You could try selecting one of them..  It will then tell you why it's 

> 2) I would probably benefit from knowing what dependencies this package
> has so that I install missing required packages.

Look at the included .spec file.  I know it's redhat-specific, but the 
package names aren't that different between distros.

> 3) My nuvs are automatically transcoded to mpeg4. All I really want to do
> is extract the streams unmolested (as is) into an avi for others to watch
> on windows. Which of the above 10 options should I use?

In that case, you probably want nuv2avi, not nuvexport.


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