[mythtv-users] SP13000 + Haupauge PVR 500

Krist van Besien krist.vanbesien at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 11:52:29 UTC 2005


This is my first post, so please bear with me if it is full of
questions with obvious answers...

I want to build me a new box that will have to server as PVR, and as
media server (host my music collection in other words). I was thinking
of buying this one:


And add a haupauge PVR 500 card to it. Then I'd add linux and mythtv

I've searched the archives of this list, and thus got the impression
this would work.
First question:  Am I correct?

What I basically would need is how to get the CN400 northbridge on the
motherboard working, and how to get the PVR 500 working. In mails I
found in the archive of this list a "guide" was mentioned on how to
get the PVR 500 working. I could not find an other reference to this.
Second question: What's involved in getting the PVR 500 working. Are
the results good?

Thanks in advance,


krist.vanbesien at gmail.com
Solothurn, Switzerland

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