[mythtv-users] Solar PC

David Kyle 4of11 at comcast.net
Sat Apr 9 01:03:54 UTC 2005

Has anybody had any experience with this company: 
http://www.solarpc.com?  Their website is not very easy to use, but it 
looks like their fanless PC's would be good for a PVR.  Would this 
computer be enough to run as both backend and frontend with a PVR-350 in 
it?  What about just a 250?  I assume a simple TV capture card would be 
too much for this system for live TV.  How much ram would I need to 
add?  Would 256 be enough?  From some research, it looks like the 
processor is 533 MHZ (it's an EPIA 5000), but I'm not sure about that, 
since the site isn't very clear about it.  I do not anticipate moving to 
HDTV any time soon, so that is not a concern.

Also, is Ethernet 10/100 enough for using an NFS share for storage?  I 
would expect it would be, but I want to make sure.  I'm anticipating 
just running the PVR off of a compact flash card, and using my existing 
PC (which is currently pulling double duty running MythTV) to provide 
file storage.

Anyway, Solar PC looks ideal, but maybe it's too good to be true.  It 
would be nice to hear from someone who has bought from them.

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