[mythtv-users] DCT-6200 w/ FireWire -- Looking for Input..

Nathan Poznick kraken at wang-fu.org
Fri Apr 8 19:21:14 UTC 2005

Thus spake Big Wave Dave:
> That isn't the issue for me.  For example... I can change to a channel
> and then (at the prompt) run the "test-mpeg2" command... and it won't
> work.  I'll try it a second time... and it won't work... but on the
> 3rd or 4th time it WILL work.  If it was encrypted, I would expect it
> to  never work.  Right?  The amount of tries varies it seems...
> otherwise I would think you could just have a "repeat" command
> hardset.

In that case, it goes back to the fact that some of the 6200's only seem
to like broadcast connections as opposed to peer-to-peer ones.  I'm
fairly sure that the patch to let you choose which to use has been
accepted, so if you run CVS you should be able to change that.  It's
been discussed on the -dev and -users lists before, so you may check the

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