[mythtv-users] Marriage of Email List and Forum, Can't we all just get along!!

gLaNDix (Jesse Kaufman) glandix at lloydnet.org
Fri Apr 8 15:48:18 UTC 2005

David Blackwell wrote:
> I for one think this would be great.. I don't mind checking a forum
> everyday.  But for example, not everyone has hdtv and those emails
> just keep coming and filling up the ol' inbox :-)

i definitely prefer mailing list, because it's a lot faster to work with 
(everything is done locally, unless you're using imap like i am, but 
even that is incredibly fast when switching from one message to another) 
and you have a lot more options as far as how to handle the incoming 
message (procmail, spam filtering, e-mail clients that strip html or 
only view the text of an html e-mail, etc) ...

but, there are many who like forums, so something similar to (i'm 
assuming this is how it'd work) yahoo groups would be good ...  based on 
reading people's text in the group i'm subscribed to, many are using the 
forum to post, but i only ever use e-mail ... everyone has a chance to 
see everything and you've got two interfaces in which to interact with 
the list...


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