[mythtv-users] Myth-TV SUSE 9.1 Pro X86_64 LAME

John Andersen jsa at video.homelinux.org
Thu Apr 7 05:33:16 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 06 April 2005 6:34 pm, Pete Buelow wrote:
> >
> Actually, for this, just do
>  > rpm -qa | grep lame
> to see if lame is installed via rpm. Just checking for it doesn't help 
> because rpm just queries the db for presence of packages, not the FS for 
> the file.

Actually, you have things entirely backward here.

The problem is NOT to determine HOW lame was installed
but to determine IF lame was installed.  

He can ignore the dependency if he can PROVE TO HIMSELF
that it does exist regardless of whether it was compiled, 
installed from RPM, or installed with someone else's pre built tarball.


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