[mythtv-users] Myth-TV SUSE 9.1 Pro X86_64 LAME

Pete Buelow pete at putzin.net
Thu Apr 7 02:34:56 UTC 2005

John Andersen wrote:

>On Wednesday 06 April 2005 3:09 pm, herminio wrote:
>>I have LAME installed, but this RPM won't detect it, and won't install.  
>>Any idea how to fix this?
>>rpm -ivh mythtv-0.17-8.i586.rpm
>>warning: mythtv-0.17-8.i586.rpm: V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 3a8f0245
>>error: Failed dependencies:
>>        lame is needed by mythtv-0.17-8
>>        libmyth = 0.17 is needed by mythtv-0.17-8
>>rhserver:/home/herminio/downloads/linux/mythtv #
>type:  which lame
>and see if you REALLY have lame installed....
>Should yield something like /usr/bin/lame
>Then check that it is somewhere myth can find it.
Actually, for this, just do

 > rpm -qa | grep lame

to see if lame is installed via rpm. Just checking for it doesn't help 
because rpm just queries the db for presence of packages, not the FS for 
the file. Then you can double check the version and such and 
install/upgrade if you it's missing or too old. If it's installed 
outside of rpm, then if you're sure it's a new enough package, just do

 > rpm -ivh --nodeps mythtv-0.17-8.i586.rpm

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