[mythtv-users] Sleep

Kevin Barsby Kevin.Barsby at Sun.COM
Thu Sep 30 18:24:38 EDT 2004

> Correct - But, as far as I understand it that is only for the backend.  I'm 
> interested in sleeping my box which has both the backend and frontend always 
> running.  Is it now possible to sleep the frontend on inactivity?

As a hack on my combined system, I have the power button on the remote
toggle the frontend on and off (uses runlevels). As a background when
the frontend is off, X displays a black screen with the time and date in
the corner.

Then when the backend times out it shuts down.

I've found this works fairly well, with the only drawbacks being:
- Can't turn on the PC with the remote (I tried a UIRT2 circuit for wake
on LIRC but couldn't get it to work)
- Boot time (I could fix this by using sleep mode but it's not
unbearable as it is)


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