[mythtv-users] Sleep

Stephen Longhurst steve at longsteve.com
Thu Sep 30 09:00:04 EDT 2004

> Are there any plans in the near future to add a 'sleep' or similar low power
> state feature to myth on the frontend?

You might be able to achieve something with the shutdown/wakeup
feature. See the documentation for more details, but the jist is that
a master backend can shut things down when it's idle. It will probably
want the machine to wake up again at a certain point, and can (by
calling external programs) set a BIOS wakeup alarm. You need a
motherboard that works properly with this though, many don't.

I'm also not sure if this will work with a combined frontend/backend
setup because one of the criteria for the backend to go idle is that
no clients are connected to it.  Does anyone know if a frontend just
sitting on the main menu will stop a backend from shutting down like



Stephen Longhurst
steve at longsteve.com

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