[mythtv-users] Mythfilldatabase --file and Win32 tv_grab_na_dd

James Timberlake timberlake_james at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 30 10:14:20 EDT 2004

I recently installed Mythtv .16 on Fedora Core 2 and
I've run into a 
problem filling the database using mythfilldatabase
--file. I installed 
and filled that database initially while on a
broadband connection.

My myth box is currently offline and will be for the
next couple months. 
Where it is there isn't a phone jack or any way for it
to get online. I 
dug around and found there's a way to populate the
database with a 
preformatted .xml file. I subscribe to Zap2it's
service and used the 
win32 xmltv grabber tv_grab_na_dd and ran this

xmltv.exe tv_grab_na_dd --output listings.xml

This gives me a 12.6mb xml file that looks good. I
took it back to my 
myth box and ran:

mythfilldatabase --file 1 -1 listings.xml

After running for a few seconds it write this message
to my console:

### bypassing grabbers, reading directly from file
Don't use tv_grab_na_dd, use the internal datadirect

The mythfilldatabase status in mythfrontend stays at
"currently running" 
and the guide data doesn't reflect a change. I've dug
around on the web 
and haven't found any fix. I know I'm using the
correct sourceid and I 
don't believe I need the --old-chan-id switch either
from looking at my 
database. I also have a laptop loaded with Fedora if I
need to use the 
linux tools to accomplish this.

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