[mythtv-users] dvd from non pvr-#50 card

Kevin dePfyffer listman at depfyffer.com
Wed Sep 29 18:34:32 EDT 2004

I know this has been beat to death already (dvd burning that is)
but can someone tell me if this should work.
I have a leadtek 2000 deluxe (no hardware encoding)
and want to create some dvd's.
step 1
nuvexport - to DVD
time 5 hours
step 2
dvdauthor -o DVD Teen-Titans*.mpg
time 10 min.
step 3
mkisofs -dvd-video -udf -o teentitans.iso DVD/
time 5 min

burned to iso from nero on windows box (only machine with dvd right now)
got a disc error on dvd player
if the dvd burner type and media type (- vs +) is an issue i'll have to
email you later from home.
thanks for any help. If i'de be better off getting a pvr350 and dvd burner
in my linux box let me know.
I know the time would be better with a pvr-350 but
I don't have a problem with the 5 hours - it's running over night

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