[mythtv-users] Recordings Randomly Fuzzy w/ PVR-250

Paul Pick paul.pick at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 10:11:24 EDT 2004

> I just started noticing that about 35% of my recordings have wavy lines
> throughout the entire picture making it hard to watch.

 My myth system is a fc1 install, which tracks atrpms. My pvr350
sometimes records with vertical stripes and strange colours (pretty
much unwatchable). This condition has existed since my initial installation 
back in April. From what I've observed, once the 350 gets into this state,
almost all (95+%) of the recordings will be stripy. Sometimes, it will boot in
this state. More commonly, it takes a week or two to happen. I'm
not sure if I'm imagining it but I think that powering off the system
entirely (power supply shut off for 5-10 seconds) decreases the likelihood
of the system booting in the stripy state (vs a simple reboot).

 I haven't noticed if live tv is affected, 'cause I never watch live tv.
I'll be sure to check that out next time.

> Has anyone else seen
> this problem with the 1.10pre2 ck108k version of the IVTV drivers?

 My current ivtv is 0.1.10-45-pre2 ck108k, from atrpms.

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