[mythtv-users] nuvexport beta available

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Mon Sep 27 10:02:13 EDT 2004

>>>You can now select multiple shows for export (the menus should be
>>>pretty easy to understand -- please note the addition of a "confirm"
>>>stage, and that adding a "show" with only one episode auto-adds that
>>>episode and skips you straight to "confirm").
>>>There is now a progress indicator (it's about 99% accurate), and all
>>>of the confusing transcode/whatever output is hidden.  I still need to
>>>add code to properly pass errors through if something dies.  For now,
>>>--debug should still work as it used to.
The select multiple shows via the * is not working. It works with space 
seperated list of numbers though.

- James

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