[mythtv-users] Slow motion on channel change

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Mon Sep 27 09:52:15 EDT 2004

Ciaran wrote:
> Ah no worries :)  has there been any dev-discussion on it, I could try
> and take a look at fixing it ?

Search for subject "Reasonable avsync at startup".  Unfortunately, my 
recent searching did not turn up a way to reset an OSS or ALSA dsp 
buffer w/o potentially inducing a click in the output.  The approach to 
move forward seems like it should center on (a) queueing as little 
silence to the soundcard as is needed to keep it happy (rather than 
keeping it as full of zeroes as possible, as the code does now), and (b) 
measuring and accounting for the audio delay when unpausing video 
playback, so we start out as close to av sync as possible.  I think both 
parts are needed for a complete solution.

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