[mythtv-users] BUG: Live TV/PVR250, playback issue on apparent buffer fill

Jay R. Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Sun Sep 26 10:29:41 EDT 2004

On Sun, Sep 26, 2004 at 01:40:18AM -0700, Brad wrote:
> I was watching a long movie on LiveTV and after about 2 1/2 hrs the 
> video started to break-up for a few seconds and then started playing 
> previously buffered footage from probably 2 hrs earlier. It did this 
> for a few seconds (maybe 15 or 20) and then the video started to 
> break-up again and eventually went back to the live broadcast. Very 
> odd.

For what it's worth, we (on 0.16 and ivtv ck109f, dual 250's) have seen
something similar to this on a recorded episode of Dr. Vegas.

> I then rewound the liveTV to just before the first break-up occurred 
> and let it play again. This time it played back normally. No glitches 
> and playing back the video that had been skipped from the previous 
> glitch.

In our case, it seemed repeatable -- it weas at the same place in the
file, with precisely the same MPEG artifacting and stutter pattern.

Restarting the front end seemed to fix it *once8, but a second pass
through returned to the same exact pattern (it's uncommon to see MPEG
artifacts be intermittent, but exactly reproduced; this is why I'm

> My assumption (which of course may have no basis in reality) is that 
> my /video volume, where the /buffer directory is located, had filled 
> to capacity, triggering this sequence of events.

In our case, neither our video volumne nor our log volume was over 80%

> If anyone else has noticed this happening, perhaps they could add 
> their experiences. It may be good for some others to try to reproduce 
> this problem on other systems too.

Indeed.  But, as has been noted before, be carful about what you apply
the label 'bug' to.  :-)  Developers have feelings, too.

-- jra
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