[mythtv-users] Re: EPIA MII + FC2 + Epia kernel + Jarod's Guide = possible?

Micah Wedemeyer fanmail at micah-wedemeyer.net
Fri Sep 24 17:58:33 EDT 2004


I tried the epiawiki howto, but I didn't like Gentoo at all.  The portage
system was nice, but it was just too hard to get X Windows and KDE working.  I
guess I'm just a noob.

Anyways, I scrapped that and am trying FC2.  It installed with no problems on
my EPIA MII-10k, but I'm left wondering about hardware mpeg decoding.

I have a functioning kernel that seems to work fine under FC2,
but I haven't tried any MythTV type stuff yet.  However, does this non-vanilla
setup mean that I can't use kernel-dependent rpms like ivtv and lirc?  Can
I "lie" to apt-get and ask for stuff for a vanilla kernel, or is that
just asking for trouble?

Assuming that I can't get the kernel rpms working, what patches will I need to
apply to the kernel?  Here's my list so far:
-epia1 patch (already applied)
ivtv patch
lirc patch

If I'm running on a patched kernel, can I still use most of the apt-get rpms
(like mythtv-suite)?  I'm not sure hardware acceleration is worth it to me if
it means not being able to use rpms and such.

If anything I've said here sounds totally stupid, then that means I probably
don't understand something correctly.  Please feel free to set me straight so
I don't completely hose my system :)


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