[mythtv-users] Strange PVR350 Problems solved

Bill Chmura Bill at Explosivo.com
Fri Sep 24 14:28:33 EDT 2004

This is mostly so that this information gets into the archives for future 

I moved my physical mythtv box and when I brought it back up I had a whole 
slew of problems:

* Would not playback when set to composite mode
* When set to S-Video it would play B&W on composite.
* Strange recording pattern (dual-split screen)
* Audio out from the 350, but no video
* Test pattern displayed fine, but could not cat to /dev/video16

and a whole bunch of other strange, but not failing entirely problems.

The problem in the end was that the card had come partially unseated in the 
PCI slot.  As soon as I seated it back in (and secured it) it worked fine 

Hopefully this will save someone else the pain and anguish I suffered.


Bill Chmura

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w. http://www.explosivo.com

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