[mythtv-users] SMB or NFS?

J.D. Bakker bakker at thorgal.et.tudelft.nl
Fri Sep 24 13:50:19 EDT 2004

>I'm trying to move to a separate frontend/backend system, and I want 
>to store everything on the backend's disk....does anyone have a 
>recommendation for SMB over NFS, or vice versa, in terms of 
>stability, ease of setup, or anything else??  SMB looks like it 
>would be a little easier to use with my Mac OS X boxes, but if NFS 
>is clearly better I can go that way.

I have had very few problems mounting NFS exports on my PowerBook 
(10.2). Offhand I'd say that since NFS is more 'UNIXy' than SMB, it 
may well be the better choice for sharing files between two flavors 
of UNIX.

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