[mythtv-users] PVR 350 ans Suse9.1

Juergen Sachs juergen-sachs at gmx.de
Fri Sep 24 12:12:39 EDT 2004

Am Fr, den 24.09.2004 schrieb Michael T. Dean um 15:22:
> This is the right msp3400 module, but it's definitely good you've been 
> searching the archives.
Yeah, I know. My normal job is it to support people on the phone. And I know 
how it is to get asked stupid questions.

> This is because you have a line forcing the tuner module to use type 5 
> (either "options ivtv tuner=5" or "options tuner type=5" or, most 
> likely, something to the effect of "install tuner { /sbin/insmod tuner 
> type=5 }")...
> Note also that because your msp3400, and tuner modules were inserted 
> into the kernel before tveeprom (i.e. before ivtv), you also have a line
Hmm, I this is one thing I did not understood. I comment out all lines
in modprobe.conf.local "# ...". But now I removed these lines and it
worked. Great !
Besides. The Sound was not ivtv failure, it was mine. It is no good
idear to connect cabling at 2 am :-) Now I have good picture and good

Thank you very much for your help.


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