[mythtv-users] PVR 350 ans Suse9.1

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Sep 24 09:22:19 EDT 2004

On 09/24/2004 08:31 AM, Juergen Sachs wrote:

>Thanks a lot for this. I found some options in the
>/etc/modprobe.conf.local file and removed them. Now the video output
>works fine.
>But I did not get any sound.....
You didn't take out enough...  (see below)

>According to some postings, I removed the msp3400.ko file and searched
>for duplicates. Then I reinstalled ivtv (do a "amke install" again). No

>Sep 24 13:52:52 linux kernel: msp34xx: ivtv version
This is the right msp3400 module, but it's definitely good you've been 
searching the archives.

>Sep 24 13:52:52 linux kernel: tuner: type set to 5 (Philips PAL_BG
>(FI1216 and compatibles)) by insmod option
This is because you have a line forcing the tuner module to use type 5 
(either "options ivtv tuner=5" or "options tuner type=5" or, most 
likely, something to the effect of "install tuner { /sbin/insmod tuner 
type=5 }")...

>Sep 24 13:52:52 linux kernel: tveeprom: tuner = Temic 4009FR5 (idx = 42,
>type = 20)
>Sep 24 13:52:52 linux kernel: ivtv: Tuner Type 20, Tuner formats
>0x00000007, Radio: yes, Model 0x00a93512, Revision 0x00000001
However, you have a type 20 tuner.

>Sep 24 13:52:53 linux kernel: ivtv: Setting Tuner 20
>Sep 24 13:52:53 linux kernel: tuner: type already set to 5, ignoring
>request for 20
Since the tuner was manually specified, the incorrect setting (tuner=5) 
overrode the correct, autodetected (tuner=20) setting.

Note also that because your msp3400, and tuner modules were inserted 
into the kernel before tveeprom (i.e. before ivtv), you also have a line

install ivtv...

If you remove all options lines (options ivtv, options msp3400, options 
tuner, options saa7127, options saa7115) and all install lines (for the 
same modules as the options), your driver will work.  It wants to work, 
but the settings overriding the autodetection are preventing it from 
doing so.  :)

Good luck,

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