[mythtv-users] MythWeb theme - Trinity

Brad mythtv at braddolman.com
Thu Sep 23 18:23:33 EDT 2004

If anyone wants to try, I've put my first attempt at a Mythweb theme at:


Of course, you assume all risks associated with attempting to install 
this theme. ;-)

I've included a readme that should help let you know where to put the files.

Trinity Mythweb Theme - By Brad Dolman 9/23/04

This is just a slight modification of the default (.16) theme to 
clean up the UI a little.
Hopefully it succeeds at being a little clearer and cleaner. I find 
it so. Comments/suggestions
are welcome at mythtv at braddolman.com.

The changes:
- If desired, you can replace the logo.gif with your own in 
- No quotes at the top of the page
- The Search bar is moved into the Schedule (TV) section, because 
these are the only results it find
s (ie. its not a system-wide search)
- Recordings and Status moved to main bar so they are more easily accessible
- Various names for options have been changed and they have been 
re-organized somewhat.
- Settings goes directly into Mythweb settings, as it is most likely 
the intended target.

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