[mythtv-users] Exploiting DVB-T features (related to 'Increasing recording time')

Dave Marples dmarples at iee.org
Thu Sep 23 13:18:40 EDT 2004


There has been some discussion on the list about extending recording time 
for programs that have moved and the like.

If memory serves there is a message in DVB along the lines of 'starting 
soon' and 'starting now' in the Running Status Table (RST) which we might 
be able to use to trigger recordings accurately...indeed, when you go 
poking into the DVB structure there's quite a lot of fun information in 
some of those structures we might be able to make use of.

Anyone got any experience of playing with any of this? dvbsnoop looks like 
the place to start...once I've got my aspect ratio problem started I'll try 
to take a look...


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