[mythtv-users] Best approach for TV output (composite/s-video)?

huffman at graze.net huffman at graze.net
Thu Sep 23 10:05:53 EDT 2004

Discussion about mythtv <mythtv-users at mythtv.org> wrote: 
> If I go the route of a scanline converter, what would the list suggest?
> I've seen some people talk about the sub-$100 ones made by Avermedia, but
> from what I remember, those comments are generally not complimentary.
> Could someone correct me if I'm wrong, or suggest an alternative?

I would agree - I bought an Avermedia imicro and I was not pleased with it for
this application.  The colors looked washed out compared with the svideo out on
the nvidia card.  In addition, the overscan setting was not granular enough - it
was either normal, overscanned, or underscanned.  Normal wasn't quite enough
(black borders) and overscanned was rediculous - like 2" beyond the edges of the
TV on all sides.

I've been thinking of going with the Ultimate XP that someone mentioned on the
list a while back.


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