[mythtv-users] RE: Crashes with 0.16 - anyone else?

sergi_sant at eresmas.com sergi_sant at eresmas.com
Thu Sep 23 09:50:53 EDT 2004


Here is my experience upgrading to 0.16:

I Compiled MythTV 0.16 with default options, compilation went fine. but when I try change the channel on Live TV or making a pause when playing a recorded show my system hangs.

After several tests I compiled Mythtv 0.16 enabling OpenGL Vsync option in the settings.pro and now it seems that all is working ok.  I don't know how or why? 

but maybe this helps someone.

My System:

RedHat 9 (Kernel

Shuttle SN41G2

Hauppage PVR 350 

Nvidia Gforce MX 440

512 Mb RAM

120 Gb. ATA Disk

I know Mythtv 0.16 shouldn't hang the system, but I didn't have any problem with 0.15-0.14... and I didn't make any change on my ivtv drivers.

Than you


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