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> 	I looked at the features and screenshots of dscaler and I'm
> impressed.  The only downside to it is that it is windows only.  I've
> heard rumors of it being ported to linux but nothing more concrete.  Has
> there been any progress on this front?  

I am pretty sure tvtime (tvtime.sf.net) has done all the porting you
need. It takes a dscaler dll from windows and accesses it for all of the
dscaler tricks.

> 	When I finally setup my myth
> system, I'd like to use something like dscaler to upconvert my recordings.
> What do you guys recommend?

It has been proposed that mythtv could use tvtime for playback. But I am
pretty sure that is non-starter at this time. MythTV does include
several playback filters too, bob and kernel deint come to mind. It
largely depends on how picky you are about output.


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