[mythtv-users] Bob deinterlacer implicated in Aspect Ratio change problem?

Dave Marples dmarples at iee.org
Wed Sep 22 18:03:54 EDT 2004

Hi Folks,

Well, a little more information on my aspect ratio problem, given that I 
got a couple of reports back from people indicating that they didn't have 
any problems doing aspect ratio changes on 0.16;

On a debian testing system (current as of 21st Sept 2004) I rebuilt current 
CVS (as of 20:00 GMT ish on 22nd Sept 2004) from scratch and nuked the rest 
of my config to make sure it was clean (.mythtv and .qt dirs, I left my db 
intact). I then ran up the system to see if I could reproduce my problem of 
keyboard input being ignored following pressing the 'W' key to change the 
aspect ratio.

It seems that the problem only occurs when using the (otherwise 
_very_wonderful_) Bob deinterlacer.  Using other deinterlacers seems to 
result in correct operation. Also, on playback, selecting aspect ratio 
changes from the Menu ('M' key) also does not work correctly...

Obviously I can't rule out a configuration problem at my end, but the 
evidence seems to point to some change in Bob that was introduced just 
before 0.16 was frozen which is affecting aspect ratio changes.  Hope this 
information is useful to someone....I'll try to look further into it 
tomorrow and do more checking to make sure it's not my system that's 
broken, but it's bedtime now.... In the meantime if anyone else wants to 
confirm that there is a problem pressing 'W' when using Bob deinterlacing 
on 0.16 and subsequent builds it would be appreciated.



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